Last year I exchanged my old pen-controlled palm PDA for a fancy smart phone with touchscreen. Even as an IT pro it sometimes takes you longer to pick up on the trend. Of course I enjoy the fun of wiping and swiping. But my calendar is so packed with dates that I cannot just operate it with my pinky. Interesting that Samsung with the Galaxy Note revives the pen-control idea.

Already in the first content management system by SCHEMA the text modules were organized with the mouse. Drag & Drop has been as hip 15 years ago as the finger on the display is today. It remained the domineering operating technique, even after we switched from network view to tree structure almost 10 years ago with ST4. Interesting that after so many years in our next release the text modules may also be moved via the shortcut keys STRG+C, STRG+X and STRG+V.

Maybe it means that in the end the good things all come back. You just have to sit tight. Or it is like in fashion where everything returns. Having said this, most of the SCHEMA employees will start their well-earned Christmas holiday and look forward to seeing you again in the coming year.

Happy holidays and a good start in the new year!

Petra Bork  /

Petra Bork /