Does this sound familiar? In the current authoring process you need urgent feedback on a certain text from an expert. The process is standing still as said expert would first have to be trained on the system or his comments be meticulously entered from Word or PDF taking up precious time. It gets even more complicated when it is necessary for several experts to review it. With the new SlimClient Reviewer, experts have quick access to current documents. Comments and corrections are possible quickly and without media disruption.

For whom is the SlimClient intended?
The new ST4 SlimClient Reviewer is a simple online assistant which easily integrates the review into the existing work process. It has been developed for the so-called SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), experts who are expected to pass their knowledge on to the technical writers. For the SMEs and their respective tasks in the authoring process, a training in ST4 or XML is too complex. Comments in Word and PDF are too cumbersome and require renewed entering in ST4. Naturally this leads to a media disruption which presents a new source of error.
With the SlimClient Reviewer the experts are provided with an easy-to-use interface for gradually entering comments and corrections. In-depth knowledge of ST4 is not necessary. The intuitive user interface becomes clear after brief instruction. The reduced range of functions focuses on the most necessary features.

Optimum Mobility
Starting with the version ST4 2012 R2, most SMEs were able to work with the DocuWeb Author function. This is a browser-based and trimmed-down ST4 interface for the desktop browser. As the use of tablets or other mobile devices with touch screens is steadily growing, we thought the time had come for another optimized ST4 interface. Thanks to its new HTML5 compatibility the ST4 SlimClient can be scaled to all display sizes and uses the responsive design. The user interface therefore behaves similar to an app and so projects a virtual keyboard which can be operated via the touch screen. Thus operation is made much easier. Of course, like in the DocuWeb Author, conventional use is possible via a desktop browser.

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Function Range
The SlimClient is intended for review and release of content in the content management system. The user is guided step by step through the individual functions. In order to do so, he simply selects the respective node from the task list. The content will be displayed automatically. Now the texts can be proofread and simple comments added. Similar to the respective function in ST4 they appear in the content. As it is possible to work in parallel and all comments can be seen by every user, so a quick overview is provided.
The advantage: No media disruption is created as the comments must not be extracted from a Word or PDF file and contextualized by the technical writer. Cooperation of technical writers and experts is immensely simplified by this.