Done! The first tekom Annual Conference in Stuttgart is history. Our feet have still not recovered from the trade show and one or the other cold needs to be cured. The last boxes from the trade show are unpacked and slowly the first conclusions regarding the new trade show town for the tekom Annual Conference are drawn.

We, as attendants, did not notice a lot of Stuttgart’s typical characteristics – Porsche, Mercedes and the well-known Swabian orderliness. For this year, as well, we were able to welcome many customers and interested parties with questions on SCHEMA ST4 2014’s new features , the SCHEMA Content Delivery Server and the SCHEMA Reader, at our significantly larger SCHEMA trade show booth. No questions remained unanswered thanks to the trade show team and the comprehensive program of presentations in the “Blue Box”.

We had to learn that Stuttgart is much more expensive than Wiesbaden. We were somewhat missing “cozy” Wiesbaden with the short distances and the small town center. Instead we were often caught in traffic jams and had to put up with long journeys.

The Stuttgart exhibition area with its 105,200 m² is the tenth largest fairground in Germany and nevertheless has some organizational drawbacks: For example the parking garage was totally dark so that we counted the stairs (7, 10, 10, 11 🙂 in order not to tumble. The elevator in the parking garage went up but not down to the transporter level. For us this meant that loading the remaining trade show goods into the transporter was only possible on foot via the dark stairs.

According to the feedback from our customers they did, however, very much enjoy the evening event at the “CUBE” on the first night of the tekom Annual Conference.

Taking the typical ‘Stuttgarter Stäffele’ – for those not hailing from Stuttgart: ‘Stäffele’ are the numerous staircases in the city intended to shorten the distances for pedestrians on their way up and down, as Stuttgart is located in a kind of basin – one reaches downtown where the center is formed by the Schlossplatz with the new art museum. The top floor of the glass cube houses the restaurant “CUBE”. Its glass windows grant a breath-taking view in all directions across the nightly city nestled in its basin. Somehow we got a feeling of ‘slow movement’ when we entered there. Lounge music, an airy room and a feeling of anticipation for the approaching Christmas time as the first festive lights and the ice rink at the foot of the art museum cast a warm light on Stuttgart’s city center. The professional restaurant crew pampered us and definitely lived up to its vision to “deliver a new dining experience”. We as well as our guests were able to wind down after our first day on the fair and to enjoy a relaxed evening with pleasant talks. The chef of the CUBE, Michael Bahn, contributed to this experience as well with his creations from the flavorful “Pacific Rim Cuisine”.

Therefore we take a “conciliatory” approach and will give Stuttgart another chance next year…

Impressions from the tekom Annual Conference and our VIP event in the “CUBE”.