We wish all of our blog readers a happy, healthy, and successful year 2015!

We’d like to kick off the new blog year with two very important topics:
Our two-day SCHEMA Conference will take place this year on June 9-10, 2015, at the Nürnberg Convention Center West, Messezentrum Nürnberg.

In addition to the familiar two-day concept of our event, we will, for the first time, have a conference website where you’ll find all information, as well as the registration forms for the event.

In order to make signing up as easy as possible, we’ve decided to switch to online registration. This gets rid of emails with large attachments, freeing up your inbox a bit. Once our conference website is online in the next weeks, we’ll send you the link. We look forward to your registration!

In order to do justice to the increasing number of English-speaking guests, we’re offering a complete English-language track as part of the lecture program.

Apart from the popular “ranking” of the planned workshops, we’re adding a “classification” system to our course program: following the alpine piste system, there will be blue, red, and black workshops.

  • Blue Workshops are for “Newcomers”: Blue in the classification system means that this offering is perfect for new users. First or further experience can be gathered without any difficulty.
  • Red Workshops are for “Experienced Users”: You’ve mastered your first challenges and want to extend your knowledge? Then this offering is right for you.
  • Black Workshops are for all you “Professionals”: These workshops require expert knowledge. You’ve been working with ST4 for quite a while and want to go further? Then you should look for the black course offerings.


Of course we’ll be hosting our traditional evening event on the first day of the SCHEMA Conference. As we’re also celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, we’ve thought up something special for you on this evening.

We’re looking forward to celebrating with you!