We did it! SCHEMA is now ISO 9001 certified, and we’re very proud to have been awarded this badge of quality by TÜV SÜD.
SCHEMA shouldered “the ISO 9001 certification backpack” and simply started walking. Seen in hindsight, the path wasn’t actually that steep, as SCHEMA already has high quality aspirations and continuously works on improving quality. We try to live and breathe quality in our daily work.

Something else came to light as a wonderful byproduct of the certification process: SCHEMA is a team! Every single employee was a member of this team and had to contribute for the group. Our motto “We can do this together” carried us through the audits to the certification. Colleagues exchanged a lot of information during this period and developed our company spirit despite the stress.

And this is why we can say today: Hooray, Team SCHEMA is ISO 9001 certified. Quality pays, and we are living our processes.