We’re back from our winter break, and hope you had a good start to 2016. Even though the New Year has hardly started, our planning efforts for the SCHEMA Conference 2016 are already well under way. As every year, we want to offer you something special at this year’s SCHEMA Conference, and for that, we’d like to request your assistance. We want to present our customers’ best callout graphics and reward them with a prize.

The Callout Designer in ST4
Since version 2012 R2, SCHEMA ST4 has offered an integrated graphical tool, the Callout Designer, which allows you to comfortably create, label and enrich your graphics with graphical elements.
In the Callout Designer, labels are created as language-independent texts. These can be handled by our translation management in SCHEMA ST4, and the graphics can be exported for translation together with the rest of the document.
During our customer visits, we repeatedly marvel at the range of your callout masterpieces. SCHEMA would love to share these with you and offer you the possibility to present your personal callout graphics to other users, and possibly to receive valuable inspiration.

We came up with the following concept for you:

  • Since your callout graphics will likely not be easily transferable from one system to another, we’d request you to make a short film with your screencam and present the technical subtleties which make your callout graphic special.
  • Callout graphics are special if they are aesthetically pleasing, if the concept of reuse has been implemented efficiently, or if many of the features have been used which callout graphics offer even better: a mixture of all of this.
  • A SCHEMA employee will prepare the best callout graphics together with the “artists” for a short presentation at the SCHEMA Conference, and present them there.
  • The video is only available to the SCHEMA jury and will not be shown publicly.
  • The best callout graphic will be awarded a prize at the end of the presentation at the SCHEMA Conference.

And now it’s your turn. Participate in our competition and surprise us with your callout graphics. We’re already looking forward to them!
Please submit your masterpieces by March 31, 2016 to: christine.geissdoerfer@quanos-content-solutions.com.