Many participants of the SCHEMA Conference value the afternoon of workshops on the first day. So we sat down with the instructors, the SCHEMA hotline, and your customer service representatives: Which questions are asked frequently? Which useful features were added in the last release? What have users always wanted to know? The result is a potent mixture of workshops for newcomers, advanced and power users. As in the last year, we’re using the piste system for skiers: Blue-Red-Black.

Udo Weber will inform you about “Fragments and Fragment Groups – Now Also Typed”.
Learn about the varied bunch of new elements from SCHEMA ST4 2016, and understand how to a apply them. Udo Weber will also conduct the workshop “Automatically Creating Relevant Cross-References” – this is an overview of how to create cross references manually and automatically. In addition, he will introduce you to “Project-Specific Production Resources:” The “Glove Compartment” in a Project.

Using examples, Michael Schemies will show you “Various Options for Printing Metadata”.
A workshop about the topic of “Custom Engineering – The Challenge for Any Technical Documentation Department” looks at the specialties that pose challenges to reuse in customer- or order-specific content creation.

Dieter Pichl will provide insights to “Extended Search – How Did That Go Again?”.
The extended search is a powerful tool for finding information, especially if several search criteria must be met simultaneously. But how is this tool actually used? We’ll show you a few examples. The lecture on “Terminology in ST4 – In-/Output?” will answer the questions: How do you get data into ST4? How do you get it out again? As an example, the lecture shows the lexicon im- and export via Excel and TBX. Finally, Dieter Pichl will explain how “Correctly Configuring Authoring Support” is done. This lecture will help you to decide how to predefine the parameters, and will provide tips how to change these settings while working with the system.

Pierre Hain will conduct a workshop on “At the Limit – An Entertaining Introduction to Advanced Techniques with STPath”. He will provide insights on how to modify behavior and appearance of ST4 with the help of STPath, or even integrate completely new functionality – all of this without departing from the ST4 standard.

Dr. Martin Hess will be inviting you to have “A Look Under the Hood: Administering and Customizing the SCHEMA Content Delivery Server”. In this lecture, he will dive into various aspects of the CDS administration using concrete examples (e.g. building data packages, facet and user administration), and he will explain how these aspects work together with ST4. You can look forward to all the surprises that SCHEMA Content Delivery Server has in store for you.

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