Are you already participating in our competition for the most sophisticated ST4 callouts? If not, come on, join in! We know people are on vacation around Easter, so we’ve extended the application deadline until April 30, 2016.

How does the competition work? You’ll find the overview in our invitation post on January 25 (Your Personal Callout Graphics Masterpiece).

Present Your Work via Web Meeting

A tip for your application: Instead of creating a screencam video, you can also simply present your callout to us in a web meeting.

For this, we’ll be happy to provide our infrastructure. Just let me know ( – I’ll organize it for you.

Be Bold – It’s Worth It

As already announced: The official judging of the callouts will take place at this year’s SCHEMA Conference on June 14 and 15.

We will present all submitted callouts. Whoever makes it to the top positions will be awarded a prize. First place will get something very special.

So: It’s worth participating!

Another Tip – Use the New Callout Features from ST4 2016

ST4 version 2016 has been available since the beginning of this year. Take the chance to use the new features which we’ve added to the Callout Designer for your callout:

  • New Design Options
    There are two new elements: the circular arc and the magnifying glass – two shapes which our customers often need in their callouts.
  • Better Ease of Use
    You can now easily extend line ends with your mouse. Elements and line points can be anchored. This helps especially in complex callouts with the finishing touches.
  • Editing Without Translation Workflow
    If you have translatable text in your callouts: You can now open and edit callouts just like text nodes even without translation workflow. This allows you to control better when ST4 marks a callout for translation.

We Look Forward to Your Masterpiece

Regardless of whether you create a completely new callout for the competition or add 2016 features to an existing one for even better design quality and technical sophistication – we’re looking forward to your masterpieces.

What we’ve received up to now has already made us quite excited. And since we know that many of our customers’ Technical Documentation departments work with ST4 Callouts, we’re very curious to see what else we’ll be sent.

So: Will you join in?