You may have already discovered this in ST4 2017. The Help menu now lets you go straight to FAQs – a new information service for ST4 users. Today’s post is about where this link takes you and what help can be found there.

Only a click away

As already mentioned, the most direct way to access FAQs is via the Help menu. When you open it, in ST4 2017 you will now see three instead of only two menu items.

Clicking FAQ opens ST4 Help and takes you to a screen of the same name. Like Help, the FAQs are divided into the areas of Application, Administration, Configuration and Layout.

From Hotline straight to Help

But what is so special about this information? What you see under FAQs is help relating to questions which ST4 users often ask the SCHEMA Hotline. In other words, questions which are very much rooted in our customers’ day-to-day work and often cannot be answered in just a few sentences.

They can be quite simple issues around features such as the one below – simple, but very frequently asked:

You will also find tips for dealing with some really tricky stuff – when it comes to layout programming, for example. XPath is a technology that it’s really essential to master. But with the help of FAQs, this area comes within the reach of non-programmers too:

The idea of introducing FAQs came from our Hotline staff – colleagues who are there in the thick of it and hear the concerns of our users on a daily basis. For very frequent or very complex scenarios, first they write down the remedies themselves.

Out of this pool of information, things that prove particularly useful and important are placed in a “best of” selection and become part of the FAQs in ST4 Help. They are further researched and knocked into shape by our Help editorial team.

The information is then made available to all SCHEMA users with the next release. As we said – it’s there 24 hours a day and directly accessible from within ST4.

Tip for the “Procedure” search filter

There’s another area of ST4 Help that depends very much on input from the SCHEMA Hotline. This concerns information in the Procedure section.

How do you access it quickly? It’s quite simple: open the filter bar and under Topic Type select the Procedure filter.

Now, when you start a search, you will only see information prepared in the form of step-by-step instructions.

Just try it

Try it for yourself and put it to the test. Next time you have a tricky question, click on FAQs.

Because we launched version 1 of the FAQs with a large stock of information right from the start, there’s a very good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for. Or try making a targeted search for the Procedure.

We promise to keep expanding this data pool. With every Help release you will get more and more information at Hotline level – at the click of a mouse directly from within ST4.