Software is always a work in progress and, to make sure we stay on top of our game, we’ve decided to set up a direct dialogue feature. We visit trade fairs where the latest new developments on the market are discussed and we maintain relationships with researchers and experts in the field. But a lot of what we learn about our products comes from customer feedback.

That is why SCHEMA ST4 2018 features a new feedback function that every user can reach through the Help menu. This blog article will explain what you need to consider when submitting feedback and what we do with it.

Giving feedback

Feedback dialogue in SCHEMA ST4 2018

Feedback dialogue in SCHEMA ST4 2018

This dialogue gives you the opportunity to either praise those features you like, or propose improvements to those that you don’t. Feedback can be submitted for topics such as the layout and design of the user interface, or it could relate to your experience as a user. Outline your concerns in the upper text box and/or add a screenshot before clicking “Send feedback” to send your feedback to us.

The contact information is automatically filled in but can be changed. The only compulsory field here is the e-mail address, which we need in case we want to contact you. But you’re free to leave completely anonymous feedback if you’d prefer. In this case we would, however, be unable to respond.

Upload or take a screenshot?

In the feedback dialogue you have the opportunity to add a screenshot to your description. To take and attach an image of your current screen content, tick the box next to “Attach a screenshot”. To upload a screenshot, click on the link “Select screenshot from file”. Screenshots can make it considerably easier to process your feedback.

What does SCHEMA do with your feedback?

As soon as your feedback arrives at SCHEMA, we will be automatically notified. All submissions are then viewed and analysed. The analysis determines how a submission is prioritised and where it will appear in the sequence of submissions to be processed. The analysis – and, therefore, the processing time – is based on a wide range of criteria and may vary strongly depending on the feedback. Whatever the decision, your feedback will be noted.

Reporting problems and errors

“Report problem

“Report problem” dialogue in SCHEMA ST4 2018

SCHEMA ST4 2018 offers you a new way of reporting errors. You can also reach the new “Report problem” dialogue via the Help menu.

In the “Report problem” dialogue, there is an additional text box where you can describe exactly what you were doing before the respective problem appeared. This makes it easier for our team to reproduce your problem and help you more quickly.


It is most effective when you report errors exactly when they appear. Simply click on the “Send error” button in the “Error” dialogue and open the “Report problem” dialogue. Along with your description of the error, our team receives the information that the system has recorded with the error.