The current state of ST4 and CDS development, augmented reality demonstrations, a host of workshops and presentations. The NCC Mitte convention centre was once again full to the brim with technical writers, customers, potential customers, SCHEMA employees, partners and an enormous amount of combined expertise all under one roof. If that sounds to you like the SCHEMA Conference 2018, you would be right.

After the opening of the conference by our two Managing Directors, Stefan Freisler and Marcus Kesseler, and Nuremberg’s economic spokesperson Dr Michael Fraas, the status updates on the development of our products and an impressive presentation about the potential of content delivery and augmented reality, the visitors split off into the four conference rooms of the NCC Mitte. There was plenty to look forward to on the schedule: from using SCHEMA ST4 to support iiRDS to interactive manuals, there was something for everyone on offer.

Back to the future: automation and workflows

One of the key innovations in SCHEMA ST4 2018 is the new workflow engine, the functions and advantages of which were discussed in detail in workshops, presentations and a podium discussion at the SCHEMA Conference.

Those attending the “More fun with Workflow Designer” workshop found out how to create workflows in SCHEMA ST4 2018 from our trainer Maximilian Herrmann. Following on from this was the “Back to the future – workflows in the year 2018″ workshop, in which Pierre Hain gave an entertaining insight into the other advantages of workflows aside from modelling business processes and why this step forward was necessary for our workflows. It turns out you can reverse engineer “Connect 4″ using workflows in ST4 – who would have thought?

On the second day of the conference, the topic of workflows was discussed further in a podium discussion consisting of Ralf Robers from Siemens, Arno Schmidt from Ottobock, Adrian Schröder from Miele, Dr Markus Nickl, managing director of SCHEMA Stefan Freisler, Matthias Hofmann and Dieter Pichl. The podium discussion posed the question “How can we improve process efficiency and workflow support in technical writing?” The discussion began with some thoughts about workflows in the review and production processes, and the question of establishing workflows within and beyond the authoring department in particular provided plenty to talk about.

Uwe Podlasly from Ottobock provided an insight into the use of ST4 workflows for the review and approval process at Ottobock in his presentation. He explained the steps in each process and concluded with a very positive summary of the use of workflows.

Speed, interactivity, reuse and content delivery

In the large “Brüssel” auditorium, Saskia Miller and Christina Steidle of B/S/H explained the decision to use ST4 and discussed the development of interactive manuals at their company. B/S/H uses the PLD and OMD in SCHEMA ST4 to create custom interactive layouts. Jürgen Wüllrich of Pilz also reported on their successful implementation of ST4.

On the second day, there were also presentations from our international customers in the “München” room. These included Tatyana Rodionova of Positive Technologies in Russia who showed us interesting and unusual ways to work with ST4, such as using ST4 to compile reusable text for a database of UI text or to carry out an efficient cost calculation, complete with final report. Kirsten Møller Nielsen of SKOV in Denmark gave a presentation about how they use the project configuration tool. DAIKIN from Belgium also gave a talk again this year: Peter Lemahieu and Lore Vertongen discussed how they have integrated SCHEMA CDS into their own portal. Sweden was represented by Emma Sollén Jonasson of Atlas Copco and Daniel Bengtsson of Interdoc who gave a presentation on marketing documents in ST4. Phil Lane of Imprimatur in England also demonstrated how content from SCHEMA CDS can be displayed in other separate systems using REST API.

As well as SCHEMA ST4 2018, content delivery was another of the main themes of the SCHEMA Conference. Jannik Hol of RE’FLEKT and Johannes Görz, Head of Solutions at SCHEMA, provided an impressive opening to the SCHEMA Conference by showing how information created in SCHEMA ST4 can be published in an augmented reality app via content delivery. The app, including 3D models of a component and information from ST4, was demonstrated live on a large screen. During the presentation, they also used an AR headset that those who wanted to know more could try on throughout the day.


SCHEMA Development, SCHEMA Ambulance, Birds of a Feather, #SCHEMAcon

This year there were a number of new features at the SCHEMA Conference, including the “Birds of a Feather” lunch, where those working in a similar area or with similar interests could discuss particular aspects of ST4 over lunch. For the first time this year we created a Twitter wall to display live tweets about the conference with the hashtag “#SCHEMAcon”. The SCHEMA Ambulance gave visitors the chance to put any burning questions to our expert Joseph Schütz and the highly successful SCHEMA Development stand allowed visitors to give feedback directly to our Backlog Owners, providing us with valuable input to help in the ongoing development of our products.


Partner stands, partner prizes and umbrella events

Yet again a number of our partners also attended the event. The guests included the following service providers for consultancy, translation and implementation as well as technology partners: A2 documentation, across, C + P, Congree, doctima, Dokuwerk, Dr. Rieland Technische Dokumentation, eDok, ep technische dokumentation, Imprimatur, Kaleidoscope, neo communication, NLG, Schmeling + Consultants, SDL, T3, Text&Form und Transline.

Our partners were available to answer any questions on their own stands at the SCHEMA Conference, where there also the opportunity to win some exciting prizes, which were handed out in a fun ceremony at the end of the conference.


As ever, a highlight of the conference was our evening event at the Bratwurst-Röslein. Guests were greeted with a complimentary drink outside this traditional German restaurant in the heart of Nuremberg, when there was the opportunity to chat and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere providing the perfect prelude to the delicious buffet inside. Above all, the enjoyable evening showed that our SCHEMA community is large, tight-knit and open to discussion.

Don’t forget to put next year’s SCHEMA Conference in your diary:

SCHEMA Conference 2019 – 14 – 15/05/2019