What’s going on in the development of SCHEMA? What’s the current situation? Where’s it all heading? This blog provides you with a peek behind the scenes at the latest work and visions of our development team. We are continually improving the efficiency of our Component Content Management System by functional enhancements or tweaks, as well as changes at a technical level. This work may well go virtually unnoticed, but users will certainly feel its effects. So this article celebrates our ongoing projects, technical modifications and enhancements for SCHEMA ST4.

Workflow of time

Timing plays a key role in all the automation processes provided by the new Workflow Designer for SCHEMA ST4. For example, as of time X, an email must be sent to person Y. How do we implement that? Two new fields for defining workflows: Start date and End date.

The release of SCHEMA ST4 2019 SP1 enabled you to use this data to define totally new dependencies in Workflow Designer, such as automatic reminder or notification emails. Not only that, you can now control who can see/launch which workflows. We are also working on more user-friendly workflow launches, which you can select by right-clicking in the context menu. By the way, we are also developing new scripts for Workflow Designer and Workflow Automation Library, which will gradually be released.Workflow Wizard in SCHEMA ST4 including Start date and End date fields

One-off review with everything

When we talk about workflows, we very often mean the collaboration between technical writers and people we call ‘Subject Matter Experts’, or SMEs. Particularly in acceptance or review processes, technical writers rely on colleagues who do not know their way around SCHEMA ST4, but instead know a lot about the products being described by the technical writers. As things stand, technical writers still need a great deal of prior knowledge of ST4 to complete their tasks, but we want this to change.

That’s why we’re currently working on an innovative Review Client that will allow technical writers to forward their tasks (triggered by Workflows) to the relevant SMEs. This only includes exactly what the SMEs need to see and no more.

If you want to find out more about the new Review Client, come along and talk to us on stand C08 in Hall 2 at the tekom annual conference.

Server operations

To improve the performance of SCHEMA ST4, we are in the process of moving to the server an increasing number of operations currently performed by the client. It all started in March with the Excel Import. It continues with the translation report and subtree deletion.

Dynamic queries… of time

And yet another development to do with time. You will soon be able to put time limits on your queries and save them as a search folder. Searches like “All nodes changed in the last 2 weeks” will be possible in next to no time. This function is scheduled for release with SCHEMA ST4 2020.

Even better Word integration

We are currently flat-out redesigning the SCHEMA ST4 Microsoft Word interface. Many of the changes are purely technical: invisible but essential to maintain state-of-the-art technology. The update includes visible improvements such as validating Word files to make errors clearer to users of the Word Editor. The upshot is that Editor error messages will be more explicit, marking will be clearer and usability will be vastly improved.

In a nutshell, the upgraded Word interface is the basis for many usability improvements.

What else!?

We’ve already told you quite a lot, though not everything about our line-up for the 2019 tekom annual conference. If we were to reveal everything at once, it would only be half as much fun. Keep reading our blog to be among the first to hear about the most exciting enhancements for the next version of our Component Content Management System SCHEMA ST4 2020! It’s well worth becoming a follower.