Are you working from home as well? We are, for the most part. Together, we have decided to spend this crisis in quarantine in order to contain the virus and protect risk groups. This also led to us to recently having to cancel the SCHEMA Conference 2020 – but only in person!

We are very proud to announce our digital version of the SCHEMA Conference 2020! On 12 May 2020, we will be offering our customers, potential customers and partners a full programme of lectures, workshops and even chat with our developers. On this date, visitors to the digital SCHEMA Conference will have the opportunity to jump back and forth between three parallel live streams of the event.


First stream:  SCHEMA Stage

We’ll kick off in our “own” stream, the main stage, with a welcome message. Afterwards, our trainers, developers and product experts will hold lectures and workshops on a wide range of functions or give exciting tips and tricks. After every presentation, each SCHEMA expert will be available for a Q&A session – they may even be able to answer one or two of your questions during the lecture. So don’t hold back. It’s going to be interactive!


Second stream: Guest Stage

Parallel to our first stream, here you’ll see how our customers use SCHEMA ST4 or SCHEMA CDS. From workflows to content delivery, you can expect glimpses behind the scenes of various companies and their technical writing departments. Our guests will be available to answer questions after their presentation via the chat function.


Third stream: Developers’ Lounge

Have you always wanted to talk to our developers? Do you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback you would like to share? Our backlog owners, essentially the project managers of different development areas at SCHEMA, will be on hand to provide advice and assistance. At this point we’ll no doubt be delving into the details and getting very technical! So don’t be shy; feel free to pose your questions using the chat box!


As you can see, despite the virus, we have a proper programme on offer on 12 May 2020 and are looking forward to your visit, interacting with you, and your responses.

The SCHEMA Conference is within our grasp – but you shouldn’t be! Stay at home and stay safe!