A few days ago, we released SCHEMA ST4 2020, providing you with a brand-new version of our content management system. We have added several helpful features to ST4 while also improving the performance. In this blog post we will introduce you to some of the most important enhancements that will help you to further optimize your work processes.

Search: What has actually happened in the last few days?

In the Advanced Search viewlet, it was (and will remain) possible to search for nodes that were created or modified on a specific day or before or after a specific day. This is useful should you want to limit the search results to only those nodes that have been processed since the last specific QA or release date, for example. But what if you want to get a regular overview of what has happened over the past week, starting from the current point in time? Or if you want to set the time period not just for the current day, but more precisely for the past two hours?

Now it’s easy to perform queries like these, as we have added the option to search back for a flexible period, starting from the current time. To do this, select the “created on/within” or “last changed on/within” input field when searching in the date value, and then the value “within the last”. You can now specify the unit of time (hours, days, weeks, months or years) and the duration (in numbers) as required, such as “within the last 10 days” or “within the last 2 hours”. And you’ve already found what you’re looking for! You can also save these search queries as search folders as usual, so you are always kept up to date about everything concerning your work on the project.

Search: What was I working on?

This is another addition to the Advanced Search. In the input field “created by” and “last modified by”, up to now you were able to restrict the search to specific users. Now you will also find the entry “current user” at the top of the list. By selecting this entry in your own work environment, you will be able to find the nodes you have edited more easily than before. However, there is another a special trick if you save a search using this setting and, for example, pass it on to colleagues via the common searches. Because the “current user” always refers to the user who is logged in and performing the search, colleagues will find their own nodes in the search result. In this way, standardized queries can be created centrally for all project employees that then determine the individual hits for each and every project employee.

Of course, the new options can also be combined. For example, you can create a search for the nodes the current user has created or modified in the past week. The result is greater clarity – for everyone!


Use local fonts in the layout

While working on the layout and production of documents, you can access the fonts installed throughout the system as usual, but ST4 2020 now lets you use only those fonts that are installed locally on your user computer. How useful this can be is particularly evident in the further refinement of layouts. To test the appearance and effect of new fonts in your documents, you no longer need to deploy them centrally – or potentially via the administrator. You simply install the fonts on your own computer. Now you can try out all your ideas as and when it suits, and choose the font you want to use in the future.

“That was quick” – faster program activities

In addition to the enhancements mentioned above, we also have good news about the performance of ST4 – not only have we developed new functionalities for ST4 2020, but we have also made sure that the work gets done even faster. This is achieved by no longer running program activities locally, but on the server itself. This affects:

  • Deleting nodes or sub-trees – both deleting (moving) to the recycle bin and deleting them permanently is noticeably faster.
  • Preparing the translation report – this takes much less time.
  • Importing and exporting layouts – these activities are now being performed with greater efficiency on the server.

Nothing changes for you with these new functionalities – the only difference for you is that ST4 works much faster!