Introducing a CMS is about more than just buying software. After all, the provider is just as important as the product. Choosing a CMS means deciding on a long-term partner. That’s why we would like to give you this opportunity to get to know us while we also demonstrate why we think that SCHEMA ST4 and Quanos Content Solutions would be the right product and partner for you.

The Company

At Quanos Content Solutions, 140 employees provide a steady stream of solutions and services for smart information. More than 50 developers work on the standard system, SCHEMA ST4, developing continuous system upgrades and innovations for networked digital information.

With a client base of more than 500 customers in Germany and around the world, Quanos Content Solutions supplies a broad range of sectors, including mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology, mobility, software, electronics, and consumer products. Our comprehensive knowledge of the various needs of each sector ensures considerable security of investment for you.

However, beyond the basic sector-specific needs, excellent customer service is of paramount importance to us. It is only when you can consistently rely on the support of your system provider is there a proper basis for a long-lasting partnership.

The Service

As a result, there is one thing in particular that we insist on during the development of our products: all essential customer requirements should be covered in the standard system. Our record of success in this respect is something that our customers themselves confirm. Eighty percent of our customers use SCHEMA ST4 straight out of the box – in other words, without any additional customizations.

Continuous further development will replicate this success in the future, making SCHEMA ST4 a long-lasting and reliable product. In addition to a rich range of functions, the main requirement here is flexibility. It is this flexibility that will enable your technical writing team to work efficiently and ergonomically.

The Range of Services

Even the standard version of SCHEMA ST4 is a flexible and adjustable system. You can use graphical user interfaces, wizards, metadata, and automation functions to add your own touches and adapt the system to the individual needs of your technical writing team. This enables you to improve working conditions while also boosting efficiency. How does this work? The following three examples will show you:

  1. Workflow automation:
    Workflow automation enables you to generate efficiency and planning security. You model your authoring processes with Automation Designer and bundle and automate several work steps in the Workflow Automation Library. Read more about this here.
  2. Layout management:
    Automated layouts in your company CI reduce workload and costs. You create the layouts with a user-friendly graphical user interface in ST4 Layout Designer – without the need for any programming knowledge at all. ST4 Media Designer makes it extremely easy to automate the layout of online content – for all product variants and in all languages. Read more about this here.
  3. Callout Designer:
    Recurring graphics work can eat up a lot of time during day-to-day technical authoring activities. ST4 Callout Designer is our integrated system for graphics editing. You can use it to create graphic labels, scale diagrams, image maps, and even animations with ease. Language-specific labels are referenced directly from variables, tables, or metadata. This automatically integrates them in the translation process, eliminating the tiresome task of amending the layout of translations. Read more about this here.

There are also many other functions that provide good reason for using SCHEMA ST4. Let us advise you. Quanos Content Solutions – the right partner for your digital information processes.