For many ST4 users, the SCHEMA Conference is an eagerly awaited date in the calendar. This year, many wondered what would happen in light of the coronavirus restrictions, lockdowns, and slow vaccination progress. Fortunately the answer soon became clear: as a company at the leading edge of digitalization, an online event was a foregone conclusion for us at Quanos. Especially since it was possible to build on the many positive experiences of the digital offerings from the 2020 conference.

The facts

We’ll start off by saying that the online conference was a complete success. Over 600 participants followed the exciting lectures and presentations in five parallel tracks. ST4 users as well as Quanos employees and partners from Germany and abroad presented their solutions, which allow them to bring ST4 to new heights in their day-to-day technical writing activities.

More in-depth information could be found in the online trade show taking place at the same time, where 18 Quanos partners showcased their ST4 solutions and services. There was an almost “on-site feeling” with the new digital trade show system, as the possibilities for more personal interaction were plentiful and participants were also able to enjoy product videos and presentations.

The topics

In keeping with the event format, the lectures and presentations also centered around the theme of digitalization. Be it “Cloud Technology”, “Digital Learning Worlds”, “ST4 as the Single Source of Truth in Marketing”, or strengths in the combination of “CatalogCreator, ST4, and CDS”, many presentations examined aspects beyond their own department.

The participants at this year’s conference were particularly enthusiastic about the presentation by Aurelia Schwarz and Julia Forster (SEW Eurodrive) on AI-supported metadata assignment in ST4, as well as the presentation by Jenny Sester (Caterpillar Energy Solutions) regarding the use of the project configurator to easily create documentation from individual modules.

Finally, with the keynote we delved into the world of casinos. Jan Heitmann, world-class card magician and successful poker player, revealed how poker teaches us to make optimal decisions. The choice of keynote speaker was undoubtedly a great success, as the feedback from enthusiastic participants confirmed.


The SCHEMA Conference is also one of the largest and most important digital events in the technical documentation industry in Germany. It has once again demonstrated how digitalization can be driven forward significantly in companies by technical writing departments. In the coming years we will have to face crucial challenges in this area, however we can already say that these can be handled well owing to the high level of professionalism in the industry.

An event such as the SCHEMA Conference is of course only possible if many hands – not just digital – come together to help. For this reason, we would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the many individuals that made the SCHEMA Conference 2021 possible in the first place. This includes not only the exhibitors and sponsors, but also numerous customers who have shared their – sometimes quite astounding – solutions to problems with us. And last but not least,  once again the Quanos event team has succeeded in planning and executing an exciting event smoothly even under difficult circumstances. Many thanks to all those involved.