The review is probably the most underrated phase in the documentation process. On the one hand, the review happens at the end of the production chain when time is short and the deadlines are piling up. On the other, a rather large number of external parties are involved in the documentation process, especially during the review: experts, translators, team leaders for documentation and marketing. And last but not least, the review is a task of vital importance for the company – in the worst case scenario, it prevents high costs due to incorrect information. It is therefore all the more important that the content management system supports the technical writing team in the best possible way during this critical phase. At Quanos there are two ways to carry out the review phase.

ST4 Slim Client Reviewer

Many ST4 users are familiar with and have been relying on ST4 Slim Client Reviewer for a number of years. There is a good reason for this: the web-based interface of ST4 Slim Client Reviewer allows experts to be closely involved in automated review processes. The intuitive user interface, which focuses on tasks and associated content that need to be implemented, as well as guided operation, mean that experts outside the technical editing department, for example, can also get to work quickly without lengthy training sessions.

Slim Client Reviewer offers those involved an overview of the tasks with carefully selected additional information. If the reviewers require further information, they can, for example, call up the task history in the task view. And of course, this is also where the task is processed using a forms-based method by means of different executable actions. For this purpose, Slim Client Reviewer can be fully integrated into automated ST4 authoring processes.

Slim Client Reviewer gives those involved access to comprehensive commenting functions in SCHEMA ST4, across all products and in all editors. Here you can create new comments, accept or reject changes, and reply to comments. The major strength of ST4 Slim Client Reviewer is its guided operation and task-oriented workflow. It is therefore particularly suitable for those involved in the authoring process who are only involved at certain points and do not wish to or cannot utilize the full functionality of ST4. A typical example is experts who only need to review a small part of the documentation.

ST4 DocuWeb Reviewer

For all other users, DocuWeb Reviewer is the right choice. It offers role-based functions and can be installed on the user’s premises without additional software and with minimal effort when it comes to installation and maintenance. In doing so, it provides full visibility for all your content in ST4.

Another advantage lies in the up-to-dateness of the content: all content is always visible to users and all those involved are immediately notified of changes. And unlike Slim Client Reviewer, those involved can view the entire information inventory in CMS (if desired). Those involved can of course be incorporated in automated workflows again here.

Overall, it is safe to say that both Sim Client Reviewer and DocuWeb Reviewer simplify the critical review phase in the authoring process significantly. Slim Client Reviewer is aimed primarily at those involved in processes who are only to be incorporated in the review at certain points and without a great deal of learning effort. In contrast, DocuWeb Reviewer is aimed at professional users who require the most comprehensive view possible of the review process and associated content in CMS. However, be it Slim Client or DocuWeb, SCHEMA ST4 has all the tools you need for a reliable and efficient review.