About this blog

There is a common thread that weaves its way through sectors as varied as machine and plant construction, medical technology and pharmaceuticals, information technology, and even the automotive industry: complex documentation.

In our blog, we want to show you how flexible products from Quanos Content Solutions can be used to navigate safely through the stringent requirements of these demanding sectors. We will tell you of our success stories, share with you new ideas and perspectives, explain existing and new functions of our products, keep you informed about our events and bring to you contributions from the experts.

With this blog, we want to celebrate the achievements of those who work with complex documentation and give you the opportunity to have your say on the latest issues.


Quanos Content Solutions was founded back in 1995 under the name of SCHEMA and is therefore one of the original names among developers of XML-based component content management systems and content delivery platforms. In the meantime, Quanos Content Solutions has grown to employ over 130 people across 5 sites, and serves over 540 customers from countless different sectors all around the globe.

It was the launch of the SCHEMA ST4 Component Content Management System in particular that brought Quanos Content Solutions to a wider audience. With this software, users were able to create and manage smart, re-usable information modules, which could even be automatically compiled and published as complete documents at little more than a push of a button.

But it is only through content delivery that the intelligent aspect of these information modules can truly be exploited, which is why Quanos Content Solutions also offers the CDS – Content Delivery Server – alongside ST4. The CDS is essentially a package of functions for accessing the intelligent information modules in an interactive and targeted manner.

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