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Modularisation for beginners

Getting modularisation right is a critical success factor when working with content management systems such as SCHEMA ST4. However, many questions arise for those switching to these systems if they have previously been using a traditional linear writing style. In…

The major advantages of a component content management system in technical writing

Authoring processes can be optimised with a content management system, because such a tool provides efficient solutions for different application areas. Every technical writer benefits from the advantages of working with such a content management system, regardless of the fact…

Simple steps to optimise your documentation for translation

If your company wants to market its products abroad, it goes without saying that you’ll need your documents translated into other languages. Regardless of whether the translations are being completed in-house or outsourced to external agencies, the basic requirements are…

SCHEMA ST4 across borders: 70% saving in translation costs, 60% more documentation generated

For a company that manufactures products in different European countries and then brings them together in house at the end of the supply chain for final assembly, the challenges are not limited to logistics and sales. The installation and operating…

Themes, trends and topics in technical writing – that was what the SCHEMA Conference 2017 was all about!

The SCHEMA Conference was held in Nuremberg on 9th and 10th May 2017, presenting the best in technical documentation and exciting developments relating to SCHEMA ST4 and SCHEMA CDS. And to top it all, a new visitor record.

Translation Under Control – Thanks to CMS

As an export-oriented manufacturer, you know the problem: the more successful your company, the higher the costs for translation. Not only because of liability concerns, but also to foster customer relationships, foregoing translation into a given country’s languages isn’t an…

Working with ST4 Is Like Playing an Instrument

This year at the UserConference, the offered workshops will be classified like skiing pistes, based on users’ previous knowledge. Dieter Pichl, one of our trainers, explains why, and which topics are especially important to him.

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