It is Time to Uncork the Champagne at SCHEMA: SCHEMA Reader – The Powerful Successor to Online Help

The content management system manufacturer from Nürnberg has every reason to celebrate. Finally, after a long phase of development and piloting the SCHEMA Reader, the new online help has been officially launched. This is SCHEMA Group’s answer to the software industry’s need for a new enterprise help platform. Apart from its own application frame, SCHEMA Reader offers many other helpful functions and its own HTML5 instruction set.

A large portion of the enterprise landscape had to be content in the last years with the hopelessly antiquated CHM Help. SCHEMA Group recognized this situation and implemented SCHEMA Reader to meet the need for a stationary online help that is ready for the 21st century.

SCHEMA Reader's user interface is similar to the online help HTML Help, but it contains many additional extras in addition to the usual functionality such as navigation tree and buttons, and print and favorites functionality. The search contains an active filter option. The content frame can display dynamic content such as videos or images thanks to HTML5, making SCHEMA Reader a multimedia-enabled online help. SCHEMA Reader also has its own application frame and can be used anywhere, due to helpful additional functionality and a predefined HTML5 instruction set. It combines all the possibilities of modern help technologies in a completely new way.

The software company from Nürnberg uses established standard technologies for SCHEMA Reader, guaranteeing technical stability. Its look and feel can easily be adapted to a company's corporate design. SCHEMA Reader can display any content in HTML5. Information can come from anywhere, not just from SCHEMA ST4, the component content management system and flagship of SCHEMA Group. With the help of converters, even "old" help content based on HTML Help can be prepared for SCHEMA Reader.
The installation package for SCHEMA Reader and all relevant information can be downloaded for free from the SCHEMA website. Detailed information can be found here.