Rethinking Mobility

With SCHEMA ST4 software solutions on your way to the future:

Automation and interconnection are key words that characterize the vehicle industry today. Whether automobile, commercial vehicle, rail or boat: Electronics and information technology will reach even the smallest component in the years to come. Maintenance and repair are the factors that will become increasingly complex and time-intensive – they are accompanied by the obligation to provide integrated, secure, and consistent documentation.

While the EU regulation 168/2013 governs access to repair and maintenance information, there is also the requirement for consistently current product documentation, e.g. for vehicle overhauls and when new components or software updates are installed.

The expectations of accompanying product information are increasing, both in regards to extent and contextual differentiation. Numerous documentation formats, from print to application, but also layouts, from service information, to user guide, to integrated usage information for on-board computers or diagnostic systems, must be available – frequently worldwide, multilingual, and independent of the output medium.

Consistency through Automation

Regardless of whether it’s only a dozen or several thousand variants, components, special features or accessories – automating information modules ensures that, even with a large variety of variants or types, content is made available at the right time in the right place – e.g. for the safe and timely maintenance and repair of a certain vehicle model, or the update of service information for EMEA. Information systems for repair workshops, which can order the necessary spare parts directly from the maintenance documentation, can be realized efficiently with Quanos Content Solutions software solutions as well.

Uncomplicated Data Exchange

Interfaces to corresponding systems such as PIM or ERP solutions allow easy data exchange. Information, which other systems identify according to the vehicle identification number, can be automatically included in the documentation, whether user manual or service information.

Output Format of Your Choice

SCHEMA ST4 supports more than a dozen target formats out-of-the-box. This ensures that information is available, depending on the need, e.g. via an on-board computer, as a service notice on a tablet, as a print document or HTML file.

Syncing Text and Image

Display texts present a challenge, as text and image frequently contain the same information. If there are changes, e.g. through a translation, SCHEMA ST4 Callout Designer ensures that text in graphics is changed, reused and automatically synchronized.

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100 Percent elaborated

The Component Content Management System SCHEMA ST4 presents solutions for integrated, consistent information logistics, providing the professional answer to one of the main requirements of technical documentation.

Multilingualism and Translation

SCHEMA ST4 supports more than 100 target languages. Only those information units that have been requested are translated. SCHEMA ST4 not only allows you to handle higher volumes, but also makes significant time and cost savings possible. The intelligent interface to external translation memory systems ensures seamless processes.

Availability on Demand

SCHEMA Content Delivery Server (CDS) provides information dynamically and worldwide to mobile devices – if needed, the complete range of information offline as well. The comfortable subscription feature enables you to make information available depending on target audience and use.


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