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This development is driven by ever shorter production cycles and a continuous flood of information which needs to be channeled and structured. In addition, all information must be consistent and multilingual.

Technical documentation is therefore an integral component of engineering. Information must be available when plant construction is completed – and this frequently in several target languages and various output formats. For a good while now, product information, which can reach 30,000 or 40,000 pages, has been required in other formats than print. User guides, operation manuals, assembly and installation instructions, as well as log books or service manuals need to be accessible online as well.

Consistency despite variety.

Whether just a dozen or several thousand product variants, consistency is a central requirement of technical documentation. This consistency for reusable information modules can be achieved through automation with the Component Content Management System SCHEMA ST4 – including cost savings and error reduction.

Efficient translation.

SCHEMA ST4 can be used for more than a hundred target languages in the global markets. In doing so, only the information units that have been requested are consistently translated. In addition to higher volumes and time and cost savings in comparison with external translation services, SCHEMA ST4 wins with its intelligent interface to external translation memory systems.

Many layouts.

Whether it’s the OEM variant or rebranding with the look of your secondary brand – not only can the information be different, but also its appearance. With the XML editing system SCHEMA ST4, the layout is automated and is available in the target medium in the desired look.

Many output formats.

Embedded in the machine control, as service information on the tablet, as print document or HTML file – SCHEMA ST4 supports more than a dozen output formats out of the box.

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SCHEMA ST4 - the solution for Industry 4.0 and classical engineering.

Quanos Content Solutions offer support specifically for documentation creation and distribution. With these professional out-of-the-box systems, technical editors stay in control of what is frequently a huge complexity in product variants and can easily manage translations for their various target languages.

With Quanos Content Solutions, even complex content can be created and published easily and then distributed depending on context and personalized – for end users as well as service technicians, applicable in intelligent machine controls as well as for mobile service information systems worldwide.

Standard interfaces to related systems make partly or fully automated processes possible, so that a shorter time to market is achievable.

Security and Flexibility

Secure and compliant.

There are numerous regulations for engineering, among them the EU Machinery Directive or the US standard ANSI Z535.6. SCHEMA ST4 supports you in complying with legal norms and methods such as DITA, Funktionsdesign®, PI-MOD or Minimalism.

High availability.

With the SCHEMA Content Delivery Server (CDS), information reaches the user via mobile devices anytime, anyplace. Seamless aggregation, dynamic delivery of information, as well as offline availability and the easy-to use subscription feature distinguish the CDS.

Efficiency and Ubiquity

Automated at the touch of a button.

With SCHEMA ST4, processes can be automated completely and as needed: maintenance tables can be generated automatically, variants can be assembled, or documentation based on a parts list can be created.

Information distributed right.

Depending on target group and output format, information will reach the end user, service technician, mechanic or sales team member in a timely manner, in the desired mode and in the necessary scope. The SCHEMA Content Delivery Server (CDS) offers an infrastructure that ensures that the right person gets the right information needed to do their task, on the device of their choice.

Pilz GmbH & Co. KG
Maschinen und Anlagenbau (en)

Pilz GmbH & Co. KG

„Above all SCHEMA ST4 makes our routine work easier so that the editorial department can focus on its actual tasks.“

Sabine Gernhard, Pilz GmbH & Co. KG - Team Leader Technical Documentation

Maschinen und Anlagenbau (en)


„We chose SCHEMA ST4 because most of our BSH requirements are included in the ST4 standard.“

Saskia Miller, Christina Steidle, BSH - Technical Writers


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