Create, manage, and document information intelligently. Publish in multiple languages and across all media. All in one.

Higher user acceptance through context-sensitive online help.

Online help increases user competency and reduces errors due to lacking knowledge. With SCHEMA ST4, help files can be generated via HTMLHelp, HTML5, or for the free SCHEMA Viewer directly from the editing system. The help page in the program is called up via a hotkey or by clicking the help button. Creating other context-sensitive online help formats such as JavaHelp or EclipseHelp is also possible.

Completion on time.

An advantage in the case of short update cycles: By producing from one source, it’s possible to produce the desired publications almost simultaneously.

Media-independent cross-media publishing.

Whether as print publication, in HTML5, as PPT or PDF, as animated or interactive film, or augmented with videos or SVG animations: The media-independent data format XML makes it possible to publish content in various target media. SCHEMA ST4 creates links, layouts, and versions for the desired information objects and exports target-group- and media-specific publications – as context-sensitive local software help, as internet-based web help, or as printed user guide with professional layout.

Well-designed handling.

HTMLHelp is out of date, in your opinion? SCHEMA Viewer provides comfortable search and bookmarking features, offers an interface that is intuitive to use and supports multimedia, and can display dynamic content.

Consistent content.

Information can be maintained consistently across various output formats and target languages – even with a large variety of different software and hardware products. With reusable information modules, we achieve this through automation with the Component Content Management System SCHEMA ST4 – including cost savings and error reduction.

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Central data pool.

Here, all relevant descriptions and product information are gathered, regardless of whether it’s end-user documentation, API reference, or FAQs. Available interfaces to issue tracking systems (e.g. Jira), build servers, or revision control systems simplify data transfer and optimize management, maintenance, and publication of product information.

Reliable terminology control.

Frequent changes of software interface text lead to inconsistent interface descriptions. With SCHEMA ST4, terminology can be maintained centrally and automatically transferred to all affected documents. In addition, the Callout Designer integrated with SCHEMA ST4 allows text to be updated in graphics.

Simple translation.

SCHEMA ST4 supports publishing in more than a hundred target languages. Thanks to efficient translation filters, the CMS offers only those information units that really need to be translated. This increases performance and decreases the likelihood of errors. Standard interfaces to translation management systems support automated processes and the authors writing content for translation.

Intelligent updates.

The SCHEMA Content Delivery platform ensures intelligent information distribution and can also be used as a context-sensitive online help portal. The Content Delivery Server provides dynamic software documentation updates. Locally installed help packages or help packages tailored to the current configuration or license can also be easily updated and downloaded.

Pilz GmbH & Co. KG
Maschinen und Anlagenbau (en)

Pilz GmbH & Co. KG

„Above all SCHEMA ST4 makes our routine work easier so that the editorial department can focus on its actual tasks.“

Sabine Gernhard, Pilz GmbH & Co. KG - Team Leader Technical Documentation

Klopotek & Partner GmbH
Informationstechnologie (en)

Klopotek & Partner GmbH

„Already after a short training period the staff members see the advantages that SCHEMA ST4 provides for their work and the company.“

Inga Willers, Klopotek & Partner GmbH - Head of Department Internationalization and Documentation


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