The right tool

The range of medical devices is broad, from large appliance to application, from complete system to small component. Powerful XML authoring systems like SCHEMA ST4 support editors in creating documentation and ensure compliance with medical technology norms.

With SCHEMA ST4, change tracking, content versioning, translation management and the variety of possible output formats are all managed in one place. This makes the creation of complex documentation, installation instructions, user manual and service manual simple and clear.

High quality, secure processes.

SCHEMA ST4 offers comprehensive process safety and quality assurance when creating text and content. All transactions and tasks can be verified in the authoring system, audited, and exported as a report. GPM requirements have been implemented and are reflected by the system.

Intelligent information distribution.

Whether tablet, smartphone or desktop, the SCHEMA Content Delivery Server provides an infrastructure that allows product information, filtered appropriately and delivered via the channel of your choice, to reach users, service technicians or mechanics directly,. Dynamic updates immediately provide the respective current update to the user.

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Automation Without Loss of Flexibility

Ease of Use and Layout of Choice:

SCHEMA solutions offer an intuitive interface capable of displaying multimedia, allowing you to keep control over even large amounts of information. Thanks to the Page Layout Designer, programming knowledge is unnecessary, even for sophisticated layouts.

Translation at the touch of a button.

SCHEMA ST4 supports output in more than a hundred target languages. Efficient translation filters significantly reduce time and cost. Standardized interfaces with translation management systems simplify translation management.

Cross-media publication.

With SCHEMA ST4, content from the media-independent data format XML can be published for various target media. This can be print for catalogs, HTML5 files, interactive films, or animated video.

Tailored information.

Easy-to-use bookmark and search features, integrated terminology control, and smart filter functionality helps to structure information. The Callout Designer integrated with SCHEMA ST4 allows you to update text in graphics.

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