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From text module to pre-press – all with one system. SCHEMA ST4.

Official regulation, cost pressure, and increased competition: The pharmaceutical industry is familiar with the challenges which the market will continue to present in the coming years. In addition, the processes for creating and maintaining information in regards to the quality, efficacy, and safety of medicines and medical products are highly complex, cost and time intensive. Identical information for one product must be published and immediately updated on all packaging such as boxes, patient information leaflets, labels and specialist information.

Add to that a variety of different layouts, formats and sizes, which follow quickly changing trends, such as for OTC (over the counter) products. The requirement: All this information must be available consistently and be easy to update, although it may be distributed across a large number of document types. In addition, textual information is needed e.g. for indications, side effects or addresses in different places, as they are often the same for different strengths and dosages of the same substance.

Easy content management.

SCHEMA ST4 makes it possible to build a central data store with all descriptions, product information and print templates you need. Information is saved in the media-independent data format XML as structured modules, so that cumbersome and error-prone copy and paste is eliminated, and, once created, basic information in various output formats can be reused. Thanks to integrated interfaces, you can continue to use MS Word as your editor.

Automatic publication and artwork generation.

SCHEMA ST4 automates your layout, whether it’s the Word document for regulation authorities, or transferring the labeling content to box artwork. Layout templates can be created without programming in SCHEMA ST4’s graphical Page Layout Designer.

Controlling translations.

Whether it’s the four languages in Switzerland, or 24 official EU languages – the language and translation management in SCHEMA ST4 shows whether all changes in the source language have been made in the target languages as well. Working with your translation service provider is made easy through the standardized interfaces to third party translation memory systems (e.g. Across or SDL Trados).

Smart integration.

SCHEMA ST4 can easily be integrated with existing IT system landscapes, e.g. through intelligent interface functionality for Documentum, SAP, and other systems.

Improved compliance, easier tracking.

System-based correction and approval workflows in SCHEMA ST4 ensure accuracy. Creation processes are documented seamlessly, and a history list provides more transparency within operational sequences. Content changes can be tracked better and compared to the Core Data Sheet. Automatic transfer to the artwork eliminates a typical source of error.


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