Mechanical and plant engineering

Multilingualism, compliance with standards and increasing demand

The fine art of technical writing for highly complex plants, machines and their respective components in a style that is legally compliant, understandable and available in many different languages is constantly creating new challenges for the mechanical and plant engineering sector. Production cycles are becoming shorter and the products ever more complex. Software from Quanos Content Solutions gives you a clear overview of all of these requirements.

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Medical technology

Legal requirements and ever shorter development cycles

Technical writers must ensure every care is taken when creating content for medical technology. Similar to in the mechanical engineering sector, strict standards as well as national and international legal requirements apply, meaning that close attention to detail is absolutely essential during the creation and management of content. Quanos Content Solutions ensures quality and legal compliance.

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Pharmaceutical industry

Compliance, data security and consistency

In an industry already complicated by national regulation, cost pressure, increasing competition and pressure to perform, the need for compliance, accurate data and consistency in documents for labelling or during clinical studies increases this complexity even further. Software from Quanos Content Solutions can lighten this load.


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Information technology

Increased competitiveness and advancing digitisation

In a market that changes daily and is constantly becoming more and more digital, automated and innovative, technical writers are facing increasing demand from both hardware and software production. In the past, the focus lay on printed documentation, but nowadays attention is turning towards the fully automated display of documents on a screen.Quanos Content Solutions helps you to take all of this on and be prepared for the future, no matter what comes your way.


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Automotive manufacturing

Automated, electric, connected

The media is alive with stories about the increasing automation of vehicles. Even the smallest components communicate with each other in order to make this happen. This makes the service and maintenance of vehicles even more complicated. Software from Quanos Content Solutions is bringing automation to technical writing too.

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