Training ST4 Page Layout Designer

Target Group

Experienced users who need to create their own layouts or maintain or modify existing layouts.


In ST4 BasicLine and ST4 DocuManager, the layout for PDF and InDesign productions can be created and changed with the Page Layout Designer, without the need for programming. Users work with frames and a WYSIWYG preview.
In the training, the concept of the Page Layout Designer is explained. Typical and frequently requested layout changes are demonstrated and discussed. With individual exercises, the customer gains practical experience and can later realize his own requirements.
An sample layout serves as the basis for inidividual layout design and is used in the training.
The participants receive the template at the end of the course. Participants can send in their own suggestions for layouts, and if suitable, these can be used as a basis for exercises.
A basic understanding of XML is required.


  • How individual layouts can be realized with ST4

  • Introduction to the production mechanisms from ST4

  • Use of the Page Layout Designer

  • Introduction to XPath

  • Practical examples

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