To become a power user, you can either participate in the two online trainings "Roles and Rights" and "Modeling" or in the big "Power User" training.

Training ST4 PowerUser

Target Audience

The ST4 PowerUser course is intended for customers and business partners whose employees already have experience with ST4 DocuManager and would now like to maintain and configure the software themselves without programming.

If you participate in this training online, we recommend using a ST4 test installation to follow along with the exercises. Please do not use your live instance here.


The ST4 PowerUser course provides an overview of ST4 DocuManager management. You will learn about ST4 user management and will set up rights for user groups.
The ArchitectClient allows you to add metadata and configure your ST4 DocuManager.
In ST4 DocuManager, you will create taxonomies and data node classes, and will use these for variant filters and dynamic tables. You will manage information types, safety instructions and terminology, and get to know different possibilities for data imports.


  • Introduction to modeling ST4 DocuManager

  • Modeling extension
  • ST4 user creation and management
  • Rights management in ST4
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