ST4 Translation Management

Target Group

The “ST4 Translation interface” online training course is aimed at the employees of our customers responsible for translation management. This training course will explain in detail the translation process for content created in ST4 and its usage in further depth.


Prerequisites & Scope

The training course will deepen your knowledge of the technical processes involved in translating content using ST4 and different TMS systems.
You will use ST4 functions that give you an overview of the translation status of your information. You will learn translation methods with the help of real-life examples.
“Mixed-language editing” and “Changing the source language” will also be discussed, as well as which content-related and structural changes to your information are relevant to translation and which are not.



  • Introduction to the translation interface

  • Evaluating the translation report

  • Translating graphics

  • Exporting in standard formats


Post-registration process

After registering you will receive an automatically generated confirmation email. Your registration is then binding. Further written confirmation will not be sent for our online training courses. You will be invoiced for the participation fee in the following days (please write important information, such as a change of billing address, in the comments field). Two to three days before the training course you will receive an email allowing you to register in the training portal. You will then automatically receive another email containing your login details.

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