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In this training you will learn how and when to use XPath in SCHEMA ST4.

After getting to know the theoretical basics, you will learn through exercises and practical examples which logic is used to build XPath expressions and which role XML plays here.

All you need to take part in the training is a computer with access to SCHEMA ST4 ArchitectClient.


What do we offer?

  • Theoretical basics of XPath and XML
  • Application areas of XPath in SCHEMA ST4
  • Getting to know the XPath addressing axes and syntax
  • Creating XPath expressions using exercise examples
  • Implementation of common practical requirements


Scope and framework

The online training is transmitted live. During the training, you can take part in the presentation on your own computer. We always allow sufficient time for questions during training. You can ask questions using a microphone, telephone or keyboard.



  • In-depth training on the use of XPath in SCHEMA ST4
  • Highly-qualified experts
  • Professional training documentation
  • Optimal implementation of putting training into practice
  • Following your training you will receive a certificate. 



  • Basic understanding of XML
  • Completed Page Layout Designer training
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