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Why make it complex when it could be so simple? SCHEMA ST4 is one of the most frequently used component content management systems in the world for a modularised approach to creating content for product descriptions.

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How can information be shared on end devices in a context-specific manner? With Content Delivery. SCHEMA CDS is the intelligent information sharing platform of tomorrow.

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The advantages of our software in detail

Simple to create

Versions using modular content

Instead of creating entire documents in our SCHEMA ST4 component content management system, you create modular content, or nodes. You can reference these to the versions of your product descriptions using parts lists, product characteristics or a configurator. The nodes are referenced and not copied, which means that changes only need to be made once, in the original node. Changes that are made in the original node are immediately implemented in all versions in which the node is referenced.

Simple to manage

Keep on top of the authoring process at all times

Each technical writing team has their own method, which must be reflected in the authoring software. The clear and customisable user interface of SCHEMA ST4 means you always have an overview of the workflows of your technical writing team, translation processes, versioning and much more.

Simple to publish

A range of formats, from print to web

Having a number of versions, translations and final target formats makes the creation of product description information very complex. With SCHEMA ST4 you can publish your content as professionally layouted documents or as digital, HTML-based help systems or websites. Create professional, automated layouts for the production of your content yourself – even without any programming skills!


Simple to share

Automated, context-specific, digital

Intelligent information “knows” precisely when it is needed. Our SCHEMA CDS has everything you need to automatically share context-specific information with end users via a browser, an app or imbedded in software. The connection with our own component content management system SCHEMA ST4 is particularly convenient for this. Whether maintenance information is to be displayed on the service technician's tablet or modern software aids, SCHEMA CDS displays only the relevant information.


Simplify your authoring processes!

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